A comprehensive list of my professional experience and relevant achievements in each role.

  1. Slashnode Pty Ltd (Sydney) logo

    Software Consultant

    Slashnode Pty Ltd (Sydney)

    I founded Slashnode Pty Ltd, an Australian-based software consultancy, upon returning to my homecountry after 10 years building teams and software products throughout Asia. Slashnode works with SMEs and startups in Australia and abroad to execute web projects using best-in-class processes, tools and technology stacks, with a focus on Laravel and NestJS frameworks. Slashnode offers a range of services and solutions, including:

    • Fractional CTO services. Acting as the part-time CTO for startups and SMEs. Advising on technology choices, assisting in the hiring process, and optimising development processes and procedures (including DevOps and deployment automation).
    • AppSec/Cybersecurity reviews of Laravel and NestJS codebases.
    • Technical due dilligence: reviewing digital datarooms and code repositories for SMEs during the due dilligence phase of company acquisitions.
    • MVP design and development: helping startups get to market with prototypes quickly in order to test ideas and iterate.
    • Team extension: joining existing teams on a temporary basis in order to reach development milestones or perform "fire-fighting" when unexpected technology challenges arise.
  2. Foodkit (Singapore) logo

    CTO & co-founder

    Foodkit (Singapore)

    Foodkit enables enterprise F&B companies to take ownership of their digital ordering channels through a fully white-labelled ecommerce platform built specifically for restaurants.
    Restaurants can leverage our websites, mobile apps (iOS and Android), content management systems and RESTful APIs to run marketing, sell food, and fulfill real-time deliveries using a single integrated system.

    • Raised funding from VC (500 Startups) and angel investors
    • Launched white-labeled digital ordering websites and native mobile apps across several markets (Asia, the Middle East and Europe) for International brands and F&B holding companies including Domino's, Nando's, Dairy Queen, The Coffee Club, Minor Food Group, and many others
    • Architected and managed the development of software which processed millions of orders and tens of millions of dollars (USD) in GMV with high levels of availability
    • Managed a team of 10+ engineers across countries and timezones
    • Leveraged a "majestic monolith" built on Laravel, hybrid mobile apps (using Ionic and Capacitor), and several microservices (Node, Elixir) to deliver performant, reliable and user-centric food ordering experiences
  3. Ginja (Bangkok) logo

    CTO & co-founder

    Ginja (Bangkok)

    Ginja was a hyper-local restaurant discovery, food ordering and delivery platform for South East Asia. Ginja's mobile first, chat integrated technologies improved convenience and efficiency throughout the food ordering process.

    • Raised seed funding from 500 Startups
    • Designed, built, and launched a food ordering marketplace (including merchant app and logistics integration) in 3 months
    • Rapidly scaled to hundreds of daily orders in the metropolitan Bangkok area with a 20 minute average delivery time
    • Managed a team of 6 engineers across Thailand and the Philippines
    • Leveraged Laravel (PHP) and Angular (JS, TypeScript) to build an API-first, mobile optimised, real-time ecommerce platform
  4. Slashnode Limited (Hong Kong) logo

    Software Consultant

    Slashnode Limited (Hong Kong)

    Formed a software consulting agency to work with clients throughout the Asia Pacific region and the USA. Focused mainly on supporting agencies and startups by architecting, building and maintaining web apps using a variety of technology stacks.

    • Built backend services using PHP (Laravel) and Node (Express)
    • Built responsive mobile-first UIs with React and Vue
    • Sourced and managed offshore talent throughout Asia and Eastern Europe
  5. Bigcommerce (Sydney) logo

    Senior software engineer

    Bigcommerce (Sydney)

    Bigcommerce makes it quick and easy to setup your own professional online store without any custom development required.

    • Joined the team in the lead-up to Series B funding. Worked in a senior role and assisted in scaling + onboarding new team members as we grew from 20 to 60+ engineers
    • Delivered mission-critical features into a massive PHP (over 1000 KLOC) codebase
    • Worked on a daily basis with MySQL, Redis, Memcache, JavaScript, jQuery and Backbone.js
    • Architected, built and assisted in the roll-out of the “Abandoned Shopping Cart” email marketing feature which led to (on average) a 5% increase in overall sales for store owners
  6. Loopster Media / Buddy Media (Sydney) logo

    Project manager

    Loopster Media / Buddy Media (Sydney)

    Loopster Media provides the very best platform and set of tools for businesses to establish and manage their presence in the realm of social media. Loopster Media is the exclusive partner of the Buddy Media platform (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud) in the APAC region.

    • Performed on-site training and consulting in best-practice use of the Buddy Media software (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud)
    • Travelled to New York to work on-site with the Buddy Media account management and development teams
    • Designed and developed custom analytics solutions for Facebook brand metrics using PHP, the Symfony framework, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL and HighCharts
    • Developed an launched Buddy Media powered Facebook campaigns for several high profile clients (e.g: Vodafone, Tourism Australia)
  7. E-Web Marketing Pty Ltd (Sydney) logo

    SEO Programmer

    E-Web Marketing Pty Ltd (Sydney)

    E-Web Marketing is the leading SEO company in Australia and is dedicated to helping businesses grow by increasing their online visibility.

    • Worked with internal and external marketing agencies to achieve better brand visibility and search-engine rankings for Australian SMEs and enterprise businesses across a range of verticals
    • Customised websites and content management systems using a range of technologies (PHP, ColdFusion, .NET, JSP, crawlable AJAX) to increase search engine indexability and rankings
  8. HEDLOC (Sydney) logo

    Systems Engineer

    HEDLOC (Sydney)

    HEDLOC Pty Ltd is the leading and largest Google Enterprise Partner in the Asia-Pacific region. They specialise in leveraging the latest Google Enterprise search, geospatial and collaboration technologies to help companies strengthen and streamline their existing business processes.

    • Acted as a consultant for Google Enterprise Search (Google Search Appliance) and Geospatial products (Google Maps, Google Earth)
    • Performed on-site consulting with various government (Australian Federal Police, Tourism Australia) and non-government entities
    • Coordinated and ran mentoring and training courses for Google Earth, Maps & Search technologies
    • Built custom integrations for Google Search Appliances and Google Maps Enterprise using Java and PHP
  9. HATCH IAS (Newcastle, Australia) logo

    Systems Engineer

    HATCH IAS (Newcastle, Australia)

    Hatch IAS Pty Ltd is a high technology company specialising in the automation of industrial processes. Their primary focus is on the development of industrial automation systems for steel processing and forming.

    • Developed web-based reporting systems and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) using ColdFusion, Java Server Pages, XML, XSLT & JavaScript for the optimisation of flat-steel rolling processes


  1. University of Newcastle (Newcastle, Australia) logo

    Bachelor of Software Engineering

    University of Newcastle (Newcastle, Australia)

    Completed final year thesis project: "Delineation of Brain-segments from MRI Images". Built a Fuzzy Classifer (machine learning) algorithm and visualisation engine in Java for classifying "voxels" in brain MRI data as either brain white-matter, brain grey-matter or CSF. This can then be used to determine the ratio of white-matter to non-white-matter in a brain scan which is useful in diagnosing and tracking the progress of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative disorders.

    • Achieved First Class Honors.
    • Name appeared on the Dean's Merit List.
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