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The Alchemy of Tech Resume Screening

This is a repost of an article posted on which you can read here. If you’re hiring in the tech industry at the moment, you’ll be aware of two seemingly contradictory facts. The first is that it is currently the hardest time in history to recruit good developers. It’s common knowledge that there is a shortage of […]

The Importance of Financial Breathing Room

Financial breathing room in Phu Quoc

One key lesson has been absolutely crucial for me in the past 18 months of self employment: the importance of having financial breathing room. Creating financial breathing room involves making sure you have enough money in your savings account so that decisions made about your business (and/or life) are not reduced to all-or-nothing outcomes. In order to make bold decisions, you need […]

Project Management for Remote Teams

Location independent remote teams

I’ve been working completely remotely for around 2 years now. In that time, I’ve experimented with different workflows and combinations of tools to try and achieve the highest level of productivity while minimising unnecessary busy-work. Although working remotely does present us with some unique problems, most are just reformulations of problems we usually face when running any kind of project. Making […]

The Three Step Cubicle Escape Plan

It’s becoming obvious to employees and business owners that the way we’re working isn’t working. Changes in the economy and available technology mean that traditionally structured organisations are becoming less efficient and more risky. Business that employ large full-time staffs with set working hours and physical offices are losing out to small start-ups with scalable part-time workforces. The former are expensive to run and have long innovation cycles – the latter are […]

I’ve got this.

Anyone with Internet connectivity can start a blog, write something, and instantly make it available for anyone else on Earth with an Internet connection to read. 20+ years ago, there was no way to reach this number of people. Even the biggest companies on the planet didn’t have a mechanism of content delivery that had the same potential […]

7 Lies Perpetuated by the Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is a curious beast. While the technologies we use to complete our jobs have changed significantly in the past couple of decades, some of the attitudes and beliefs surrounding work and workplaces seem to be stuck in the 19th century. Some of these antiquities persist simply because of a lack of awareness. […]

Japan for Digital Nomads and Bootstrappers

I’ve been interested in Japan and Japanese culture for some time now. I wouldn’t call myself a Japanophile: I’ve never read manga, don’t particularly like video games and speak approximately 10 words of Japanese. But there’s something totally fascinating about the place. After spending time travelling through Asia, Europe and South America, I hold the opinion that Japan […]